Kelly Rogers First succesful hunting.

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Re: Kelly Rogers First succesful hunting.

Post  Bitz1988 on Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:52 am

......delete and repost. see the sticky on how to post your kills, please.


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Kelly Rogers First succesful hunting.

Post  Bobinestro on Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:35 pm

Ive acumulated 8 kills tonight in my first hunt.

Number one: One of my comrades decided to spread from the group when we finally mad it all the way around jamrich we found him being chased by a zombie and i was able to blind side him, In front of jamrich and inbetween the LRC

Number two and three: Two zombies were chasing a human i tagged one and the other in front of halverson and the MP

Number four: some girl was dickin around doing like a dance or something and i got her in between some trees.

Number five and six:the previous two zombies i got were respawning and two other zombies tried playing it off like they were respawning as well. little did two humans know they approached them and heard two say they were respawning and the other two scattered after those two humans. i defended my flesh filled friends and ran them both down keeping my mean ssafe. As well outside of the MP.

Number seven: Some girl was outside of a window conversing and me and a fellow hunter tagged her before she knew what happened. This was at the payne hall.

Number eight : this one wasnt all me but we surrounded a patch of trees where the woodchip walk was outside of the MP and i went in and flushed him out of there. soon he was killed.

We must stay strong and together and get the first human victory!


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